How can you improve workstation security in your company

workstation security in your company

Separate personal and professional

The first rule is not to mix personal and professional use on the same workstation . Especially if the company provides you with a terminal. Pay attention to the sites you browse and the applications you install on your computer. In principle, the work is exposed to fewer risks.

Separating these 2 uses allows you to reduce the security risks, even in the event that an employee is likely to receive a phishing email or ransomware on his professional address.

Installing security updates

For a work PC, it is more than advisable to schedule updates in automatic mode . This programming avoids involving teleworkers and especially potential oversights.

Antivirus installation

Once installed, it is imperative to activate your antivirus to allow real-time protection. It is necessary to update these security applications to be able to spot the latest threats identified by publishers.

It is also recommended to perform a full scan to ensure that there is no malicious program on the computer. If you have any doubts, be careful not to connect to your company’s network to avoid any spread.

Securing accounts

When it comes to choosing a strong password, it’s important to avoid anything that’s too easy or too overused. The latter have a low level of security, even close to zero.

A compromised password always represents a direct threat to the company and its infrastructures and other applications. Thus, it is always better to use a tamper-proof password. To do this, you can use the service of a password generator.

But you can also create a secure password on your own. To achieve this, all you need to do is:

Choose a long password: the higher the number of characters, the more difficult your password will be to decode.

Increase the level of security: the best advice is to mix letters, numbers and spaces.

However, make sure to choose a password that you can remember so you don’t have to write it down somewhere.

Network Access Protection

Wi-Fi helps control your network access. A breach in the security of the latter can represent a gateway to the professional network and to the resources contained on the terminal. It is therefore necessary to secure the Wi-Fi by means of a robust key and the activation of encryption (WPA2).

Saving data

In view of attacks and software and hardware failures, it is always advisable to make a backup to avoid any possible loss of data. The majority of current systems now offer automatic cloud backup.

You can also save your work data to an external drive, employer-controlled storage, or a corporate cloud service .

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