iPad Air 2020: Release date, price and everything you need to know

iPad Air 2020

Apple presented its new iPads during its virtual conference on September 15, 2020. In addition to announcing a new “classic” iPad, the Cupertino company lifted the veil on a revised and corrected iPad Air model that makes you want a lot with its impressive screen and powerful processor.

iPad Air 2020

The manufacturer Apple held a conference to unveil its new products on Tuesday September 15, 2020 . Focusing first on its new Apple Watch Series 6 , it also announced its new line of touchpads. First there was the classic iPad, which got a welcome refresh, then it was the turn of the iPad Air, which looks very promising.

A revised and corrected ipad air

The product offers a completely revised design with thinner edges and a colored aluminum shell inspired by the Pro. Touch ID is also entering the range within the ignition button on the edge. An introduction expected by users who regretted the absence of the fingerprint reader on the tablet.

The iPad Air is also equipped with a new A14 processor, the first on the market to have an engraving fineness of 5 nm. A SoC that allows great power to run all possible applications, even the most demanding ones. Apple is talking about an iPad Air that is 40% faster than the previous model.

iPad Air

The tablet also has a USB connector (about time!) to connect all possible devices. The APN is made up of a single 12-megapixel sensor (capable of filming in 4K/60FPS) and the product is compatible with dedicated keyboards. Finally, the screen is 10.9 inches in size and offers 3.8 million colors, according to Apple, which did not say much more. The iPad Air 4 is an iPad Pro that does not say its name, in short, and which is sold for less. The product will be available in October 2020 at a starting price of 669 euros. Some models will of course be sold at a higher price.

And you, what do you think of this new iPad Air 2020? Does this Apple product appeal to you? Are you going to crack? Tell us in the comments !

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