10 Apps to Create Stunning Instagram Visuals

Apps to Create Stunning

With nearly a billion users per month, Instagram has become the number 1 social network for sharing images and videos. Moreover, the platform is so popular that competition is fierce: to stand out, it is essential to create unique and attractive visuals.

But it is not necessarily necessary to be an expert in photography or editing to achieve this! After the free photo editing software , we now offer you a selection of very practical applications, which allow you to communicate effectively on Instagram by creating superb images.


Be Funky is a software that offers 3 main features: photo editing, creation of montages and graphic design. It is therefore a very versatile tool that will allow you to create and refine all types of visuals! The “graphic design” function, in particular, gives you access to many Instagram post and story templates to make your life easier.

Be Funky is available on Android and iOS

Canva is another online image editing tool that shines with its ease of use. It allows you to create just about anything: CD cover, business card, flyer… Among the different types of design available, the “Image for social networks” category is perfectly suited for editing your Instagram posts .

Canva is available on Android and iOS .

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

When it comes to image editing, Adobe is never far away. Creative Cloud Express is an application specially designed to create illustrations for social networks, including Instagram. With a large selection of filters and text effects, as well as many design templates to inspire you, this tool has everything you need.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is available on Android and iOS .

Developed by Google, Snapseed is one of the easiest and most versatile photo editing apps around. Instagrammers particularly appreciate its many tools, which have nothing to envy to the most advanced image editing software (like Photoshop): brush, selective adjustment, white balance, perspective… All this from your smartphone!

Snap seed is available on Android and iOS

In Square Pic is a real toolbox for creating personalized Instagram posts. Retouch your photos with a myriad of effects and filters, add drawings or text, create montages with many possible layouts, with ease. This app is only available on Android.

Complete and easy to use, VSCO is considered one of the best photo editing apps for Instagram. Its greatest asset is its vast collection of high-quality filters, which will allow you to bring a very personal style to your visuals.

VSCO is available on iOS and Android

The main function of Square Pic is to post photos to Instagram without having to crop them, regardless of their format. However, the app has some additional options: blur and color effects in the background, photo filters, creation of montages… This makes Square Pic a very simple tool, which fulfills its role perfectly, while offering a certain versatility. .

Story Art (Android)

If it is essential to take care of your Instagram posts, you should not neglect Stories either! Indeed, these ephemeral images are among the most popular features of the social network.

Story Art lets you create and customize great stories. Based on over 1000 templates, you can tell captivating stories with eye-catching photos, backgrounds, text, and plenty of graphics.

Unfold is another app dedicated to creating Instagram stories. It is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and intuitive of its kind, with substantial customization possibilities.

Unfold is downloadable on Android and iOS .

Update: Unfortunately, the Framatic app is no longer available.

Framatic is an app designed to create photo montages for Instagram (but also other networks like Facebook or Twitter). It offers around thirty layouts to present your images as you wish. You can also customize the borders of your timeline, add pretty backgrounds, and a variety of effects and filters. This app is only available on iOS.

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